Zuzanka Novakova

Originally from the Czech Republic, Zuzanka’s love for YOGA began nearly a decade ago. From the very first time she stepped onto the YOGA mat, there was a truly unique and strong connection. Following a successful career in the corporate world, her yearning for a complete lifestyle change with YOGA and mindfulness at its core, saw her move to Australia where she started her new life journey.

Choosing to connect with the things that she loves, Zuzanka spend nearly a year in South East Asia where she was traveling, living and studying YOGA and meditation. There she developed and shaped her values and outlook on life. By using the practice to heal her own body and mind, the new life experiences she gained provided inspirational motivation for her new career.

The unique thing about Zuzanka is that she is not just a yoga teacher. As a passionate and successful golfer and corporate woman, she was searching for something that would integrate the power of both body and mind. Something to significantly enhance performance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Maybe you with her for similar things?
When you have a passion for sport, many of us simply want to be better! Yet time and time again we become distracted from achieving or perhaps even understanding our goals. Zuzanka soon discovered that by practising yoga on regular basis and by utilising certain methods, that you can achieve amazing improvement on many levels. Her classes are specifically designed to improve your flexibility and core strength in relation to sport, but they will also leave you feeling balanced, clear headed and ready to bring improvement into many aspects of everyday life. In fact you will likely find that your overall sense of wellbeing, motivation, emotional strength and spiritual connection with other good humans will also see significant improvement.
Zuzanka loves teaching a strong essence of flow, facilitating a connection between breath, body and soul, culminating in a meditation to achieve peace and harmony. She is a person who spreads love and kindness to all those in her presence. Her classes will take you on a journey of self-love, self-inquiry, awareness of breath, then through a moving and dynamic sequence to a relaxing savasana.

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